How Stucco Defects Can Affect You

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In 2014, the number of single-family and multifamily housing construction starts was estimated to be about 1 million, Since the cost between building a new house and buying a resale home can exceed $70,000, it can be quite distressing when your new home starts to show construction defects early on into your move. Seemingly simple defects such as stucco defects can have long term implications for your home and lead to extra spending and inconvenience.

22 July 2015

2 Things You Can Do to Help Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

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Serious air conditioning repairs and maintenance should only be performed by a professional. However, there are some maintenance tasks that you can perform yourself as long as your system is not showing signs of a problem, such as cooling ineffectively, emitting strange sounds, or not blowing air. Here are two things you can do to help maintain your air conditioning system: 1. Remove debris from around your unit.  A residential air conditioning unit can usually be found adjacent to an exterior wall of your home.

20 July 2015

Recycle Your Bathroom's Ugly Sink And Bathtub With Epoxy Paint

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If your home's bathroom has a sink, bathtub, and tile work that were clearly installed in a different decade, then the good news is that you can easily recycle them using epoxy paint refinishing. By painting your bathroom's fixtures with epoxy paint, you can make your bathroom look new and fresh again with a lot less cost and effort than replacing them. Uses of Epoxy Paint Products in Your Bathroom

15 July 2015

Get Your Driveway Back In Black: Keys To Asphalt Maintenance

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UV rays are bad for more than your skin. In fact, the sun's UV rays can bake the volatiles right out of your asphalt driveway. This will leave the driveway brittle. Cracks will soon follow, and if you don't take reparatory measures, potholes come next. If your driveway has cracks and potholes, it is time to correct the problem and infuse some life back into your driveway.  Repairing Cracks For a permanent crack repair, use the following steps:

24 June 2015

How-To Guide For Garage Door Operation During A Power Outage

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Most homeowners who have the convenience of an automatic garage door never want to deal with a manual door again. However, there are instances in life that cause homeowners to need to switch their garage door into manual mode. One such instance would be during a heavy storm that caused the power to go out. Without power, your garage door is disabled. If you need to get out of your garage door during a power outage, here is how to do it:

11 June 2015

How to Keep Your Well Water Safe

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A water well is a convenient way to obtain your water. However, since you are obtaining your water from a very natural source that will not have been treated, you will need to take your own steps to purify the water so that it is safer to drink. Test It Regularly The only way you can know if your well water is safe to drink is to test it regularly. Take your water to a state certified testing lab.

29 May 2015

Choosing The Right Walk-In Tub For Your Loved One


As your elderly parents age, performing many of the tasks that they once did with ease becomes more difficult. One of these difficulties is bathing. Due to limited mobility and other conditions, standing in the shower or stepping in and out of a high bathtub can be complicated and sometimes dangerous. Walk-in tubs offer the perfect solution. If you're considering this mobility aid for your loved one, make certain you understand what important factors you need to look for.

14 May 2015

Wate-related Lead Health Risks And Possible Plumbing Concerns

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The hidden dangers of lead in our plumbing pipes can create serious medical issues in both adults and children. If the plumbing system in your home is outdated, then it's possible that the tap water you consume may contain lead. For this reason, it is essential that you have your pipes inspected and repaired or replaced if necessary. Provided below are some basic information about lead in your water and possible solutions to minimize the amount flowing through your pipes and plumbing fixtures.

28 April 2015

Unique Shower Enclosures: Options For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

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Once you have made the decision to fully remodel your bathroom, the task at hand is to determine the design aesthetic and materials you want to use in your remodeling project. While you have numerous components to consider in your decision-making process. However, one of the most important is your choice in shower enclosures. The shower enclosure you choose can set the tone for your entire remodel and will determine the style of every other element you select.

13 April 2015

3 Reasons Why You Should Have Hardwood Flooring In Your House

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If you have hardwood floors hidden underneath your carpeting, you may want to consider going back to the original flooring in your home. Hardwood flooring has many benefits to you as a homeowner that you may not have been aware of. Minimal Maintenance When compared to other flooring options like carpeting, hardwood flooring does not require much maintenance over the years in comparison. While carpeting has to be replaced every so often due to everyday wear and tear, hardwood can last a lifetime with some simple maintenance.

31 March 2015