Top Features To Look For In A Rotary Screw Air Compressor For Your Workshop

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When you rely heavily on compressed air for air tools and other applications in your workshop, not just any air compressor will be able to supply what you need. There is good reason why rotary screw air compressors are the most common model invested in for industrial purposes: these workhorses are far more efficient and far more powerful. If you are in the process of buying a rotary screw air compressor for your workshop, chances are you'll be a little lost in all of the choices and options.

27 December 2016

Using a Rented Stud Welder to Remove Dents from Your Building's Metal Panels

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Traditionally, removing dents from a metal surface inside a building required the drilling of holes for the placement of studs. These studs were then used to pull the dent out of the metal, but this also resulted in a weakening of the metal surface. In order to retain the structural integrity of metal surfaces, more and more construction companies are turning to stud-welding processes for dent removal instead. Welding a series of pins to the dented surface, pulling the dent out, and then snipping and grinding the pins to restore the aesthetic appearance eliminates the drilling of holes that can weaken metal.

1 December 2016

Are You Suffering From Whole-Apartment Plumbing Backups? Bottom Floor Clogs Might Be To Blame


Dealing with plumbing backups in your apartment building can be a long-term process, especially if multiple ones are occurring throughout the building. However, if this problem continues to recur for residents in your complex across multiple floors, there might be a clog in the bottom floor piping contributing to this problem. The Plumbing In Your Building Is Connected To deal with this problem, you have to understand the ways thatthe plumbing in your complex is connected.

7 November 2016

Shredding: Not Just For Paper Documents Anymore

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With more and more companies converting to digital communications, the importance of being able to successfully destroy electronic components is growing. While companies used to be able to rely on a shredder to eliminate correspondence on paper, digital correspondence can be more challenging to eliminate. Shredding companies have risen to the demand for successful elimination of electronic information by offering shredding services for hard drives. Here are two ways that a shredding contractor can assist you in destroying any potential information on your unwanted hard drives in the future.

24 October 2016

How You Should Release The Tension In A Garage Door Spring


The most dangerous part of replacing a broken spring on a garage door is releasing the tension in the spring. The tension in the spring can make it spin around quickly, and if the broken end hits you, it could result in serious injury to your hands and/or arms. If you're working on your own broken garage door and have never released the tension in one of the springs, here is how you should do it so you don't get hurt.

4 October 2016

Sick of Your House? Or Is Your House Making You Sick? 3 Shocking Ways Your House Is Making You Sick

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Owning a home can be challenging due to the different tasks that are needed to keep it clean, functional, and appealing. Unfortunately, forgoing these tasks will not only decrease your home's appeal and value but it can also cause you to develop conditions that affect your health. From the use of products that contain toxic ingredients and a heavy buildup of dust to an overwhelming moisture problem that resulted from a simple leak, your home may actually be making you sick.

14 September 2016

3 Options to Use Renewable Energy for Winter Savings

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If you want to save money on heating your home this winter, you do not have to be wrapped up in blankets to do so. Today, there are many options for renewable energy that you can add to your home to reduce your energy costs. Some of these options include solar water heaters, geothermal solutions, and bio-fuel solutions. If you are tired of high winter heating costs, here are some of the options that you may want to consider to give your home an energy-efficient system.

8 September 2016