How To Improve The Heating Retention Of Your Home


When you are having an issue keeping your home warm during the winter months, you want to find a reliable solution. In some cases, you can complete simple tasks to handle the heat loss, while other tasks take additional time and money to complete. By understanding the precise issues your home has, you will have a better chance of improving your home's heat retention capabilities. Seal Drafts Drafts are the most common problem for losing heat throughout the winter months.

16 January 2015

Surprising Advantages Of A Commercial Property Maintenance Company


When you own any type of commercial property, and especially if you own residential rental properties, you want to consider the use of an outside property maintenance company. There are many surprising advantages of hiring such a company rather than trying to maintain your properties on your own or having staff on hand to do this. Consider some of those advantages. 1. You avoid the cost of owning and maintaining heavy equipment

14 January 2015

Debunking Myths About Fences


Building a fence can be one of the most basic steps in securing your property against unwanted access or preventing animals or children from wandering away. However, there is a vast variety of fence types you can choose from, and many homeowners may be overwhelmed by this choice and the complicated steps needed to hire a professional to build the fence. Due to this, there is a strong chance that you may make the mistake of believing a couple of myths about this routine process.

8 January 2015

How To Find And Repair Leaks In A Shingle Roof


Sometimes a roof will leak long before the roof needs to be replaced. However, when you have a leaking roof it's important that you take care of it right away. Leaving a leak unfixed will lead to localized damage which will then become damage to a larger area that requires much more in the way of repairs. This article will help you learn how to find leaks and repair them on your own.

6 January 2015

Preventing Water Damage By Checking For Common Problems


Nobody expects that their house will flood or that they will have water damage in their house. The fact of the matter is that over the lifespan of a home, it has a 98% chance of having some type of water damage. Over 14,000 people experience some type of water emergency each day. These are staggering numbers and they illustrate just how important it is to try and prevent these water emergencies.

16 December 2014