Designing A Bathroom With Resale Value

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When you build a new house, you should plan to make it easy to sell. You never know when you may need to relocate, so planning for it from the beginning is a smart move. Experts advise that the two most important rooms to buyers are the kitchen and bathroom. Actually, serious buyers want more than one bathroom, and they want them to be more than a basic toilet, vanity, and tub.

27 October 2015

Hydronic Baseboards Not Heating Properly? Check Your Gas Water Heater For Problems

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If your hydronic baseboard heating system suddenly develops problems, such as not putting out warm air or taking too long to heat up, check your gas-powered water heater. The heating system depends on the water heater to create ongoing hot water during the winter months. Sometimes, sediments form inside the water heater, which prevent the appliance from sending out hot water. If hot water doesn't reach your hydronic baseboards on time or properly, they can't heat your home.

13 October 2015

Should You Fix Your Electric Water Heater Or Replace It?

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If you awoke this morning only to discover that there was not hot water for your shower, then your home's hot water heater is not functioning properly. Before you go out and purchase a new water heater, you should first identify the root cause of the problem. By determining the cause of the failure, you can ascertain if your should fix or replace the water heater. Here in the information you need to determine the cause of your water heater's problem and whether you should repair or replace it:

29 September 2015

High Heating Bill? 3 Oil Burner Repairs That May Help Lower Your Bills

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As with any other piece of equipment, your oil burner heater will operate more efficiently and cost you less money to run if it is in great working condition. While oil burners only consist of a few integral parts, a problem with any one of the parts may cause your heater to burn more oil, run more often or fail to harvest excess oil—all of which will cost you money. So if you've noticed that you're burning more oil than usual, it may be time to have your unit serviced.

10 September 2015

Give Your Rental Home A Fresh Coat Of Interior Paint To Breathe New Life Into The Property

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Whether you are in between tenants or anticipating your first tenants in the near future, you need to get your rental property ready to impress those that may be interested in living there. Making sure the home is attractive and functional is essential, and you can accomplish this in numerous ways. Investing in a fresh coat of paint can give you the results you want and need to succeed as a rental property owner.

21 August 2015

Not Sure How To Waterproof Your Home? 2 Solutions To Get The Job Done

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Water and moisture can damage your home. They can cause wood to rot, concrete to crumble and mold to grow. If this is your first home, you might not know how to waterproof it. With the steps outlined below, you can waterproof your home and protect it from water and moisture damage. Waterproof Sealant Waterproof sealant is the easiest way to protect your basement from water and moisture damage. You should apply the sealant to concrete floors, as well as to the concrete or cinderblock walls.

7 August 2015

What New Parking Lot Owners Should Know About Sealcoating Their New Asphalt Parking Lot

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Once your new parking lot is installed, you'll need to find out what you can about the care and maintenance of the asphalt. One of the regular maintenance tasks your parking lot will require is sealcoating. If you're a new business owner or just new to the whole business of maintaining a parking lot, these answers to commonly asked questions can help. What is sealcoating? Sealcoating is the process of covering your asphalt parking lot with a layer of coal tar emulsion to protect it from the elements like sun and rain.

24 July 2015

How Stucco Defects Can Affect You

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In 2014, the number of single-family and multifamily housing construction starts was estimated to be about 1 million, Since the cost between building a new house and buying a resale home can exceed $70,000, it can be quite distressing when your new home starts to show construction defects early on into your move. Seemingly simple defects such as stucco defects can have long term implications for your home and lead to extra spending and inconvenience.

22 July 2015

2 Things You Can Do to Help Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

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Serious air conditioning repairs and maintenance should only be performed by a professional. However, there are some maintenance tasks that you can perform yourself as long as your system is not showing signs of a problem, such as cooling ineffectively, emitting strange sounds, or not blowing air. Here are two things you can do to help maintain your air conditioning system: 1. Remove debris from around your unit.  A residential air conditioning unit can usually be found adjacent to an exterior wall of your home.

20 July 2015

Recycle Your Bathroom's Ugly Sink And Bathtub With Epoxy Paint

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If your home's bathroom has a sink, bathtub, and tile work that were clearly installed in a different decade, then the good news is that you can easily recycle them using epoxy paint refinishing. By painting your bathroom's fixtures with epoxy paint, you can make your bathroom look new and fresh again with a lot less cost and effort than replacing them. Uses of Epoxy Paint Products in Your Bathroom

15 July 2015