Controlling Humidity Levels In A Basement


Basement humidity is one of the more frustrating problems faced by homeowners. This is a cool, dark spot in the home, and moisture isn't going to disappear easily from the space without some help. Controlling humidity levels in a basement takes multiple strategies, but they are all doable. Direct Humidity Control A dehumidifier and some humidity-control packets are essential. You can have the dehumidifier built-in to your home, or you can use portable dehumidifiers; just remember to empty the reservoirs on the portable ones so that they continue to work.

8 July 2018

Are You Suffering From Whole-Apartment Plumbing Backups? Bottom Floor Clogs Might Be To Blame


Dealing with plumbing backups in your apartment building can be a long-term process, especially if multiple ones are occurring throughout the building. However, if this problem continues to recur for residents in your complex across multiple floors, there might be a clog in the bottom floor piping contributing to this problem. The Plumbing In Your Building Is Connected To deal with this problem, you have to understand the ways thatthe plumbing in your complex is connected.

7 November 2016

How You Should Release The Tension In A Garage Door Spring


The most dangerous part of replacing a broken spring on a garage door is releasing the tension in the spring. The tension in the spring can make it spin around quickly, and if the broken end hits you, it could result in serious injury to your hands and/or arms. If you're working on your own broken garage door and have never released the tension in one of the springs, here is how you should do it so you don't get hurt.

4 October 2016

Learning More About The Plumbing System In Your Older House


If you have purchased an older home and you plan on renovating it, one of the first places you need to start is with the plumbing system. The plumbing system in a lot of older homes used cast iron pipes that could cause you a lot of costly, stressful trouble. Learn more about older cast iron plumbing systems and how you can improve them during your renovation efforts. Visible Signs Of Compromised Cast Iron Pipes

20 July 2016

5 Ways To Find The Apartment Of Your Dreams


If you are moving, the process is stressful enough already. Much of the stress does not even come from the process of moving itself; it comes from finding the perfect place to move to. These strategies will help you find an apartment you will actually enjoy living in. 1. Make a list of your priorities before you start looking for a place to move. This means that you need to list your desired rent, ideal location, and the number of bedrooms you need.

8 January 2016

Choosing The Right Walk-In Tub For Your Loved One


As your elderly parents age, performing many of the tasks that they once did with ease becomes more difficult. One of these difficulties is bathing. Due to limited mobility and other conditions, standing in the shower or stepping in and out of a high bathtub can be complicated and sometimes dangerous. Walk-in tubs offer the perfect solution. If you're considering this mobility aid for your loved one, make certain you understand what important factors you need to look for.

14 May 2015

Does Your Faucet Seem Slow? Learn How To Clean The Aerator


Even the best faucets in the world can succumb to mineral deposits that clog up the aerator and slow down the flow of water. If you're experiencing a slow-flowing faucet, you can clean the mineral deposits out of the aerator yourself quickly and easily. It will only take a few minutes; this guide shows you how it's done.   Step 1: Collect Your Tools The chances are good that you already have everything you need to clean the aerator in your faucet.

26 February 2015

3 Types Of Water Damage You Might See In Your Home


Each year home owners throughout the country are forced to deal with the aftermath of water damage. While it's an essential element for life, water can become dangerous when it find its way into your home in large quantities. Before you can begin to clean up the damage left behind by an excess of water, you must first know what type of problem you are dealing with. Here are three classifications of water damage that home owners commonly see in their homes.

12 February 2015

4 Common Types Of Window Frames


Do you need new windows? Are your current windows drafty, damaged, or just plain unattractive? New windows can be a wise investment. Not only will they enhance the curb appeal of your home, but they'll also make your house more energy efficient. Over time, you'll likely recoup the cost of your windows through savings in your energy bill. Not all new windows are the same, though. You'll want frames that are appropriate for your home's style and climate.

9 February 2015

How To Improve The Heating Retention Of Your Home


When you are having an issue keeping your home warm during the winter months, you want to find a reliable solution. In some cases, you can complete simple tasks to handle the heat loss, while other tasks take additional time and money to complete. By understanding the precise issues your home has, you will have a better chance of improving your home's heat retention capabilities. Seal Drafts Drafts are the most common problem for losing heat throughout the winter months.

16 January 2015