Septic Drain Field Failures And Repairs You Need To Ensure Your System Works Properly

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If your home is on a septic system, the drain field is an important component that can fail. When you have a problem with the drain field, you may not notice until the problem backs up into the tank and then into your household plumbing. Therefore, you want to repair these problems to ensure your system is functioning. The following septic drain field repairs will help ensure your system is working properly after a failure.

Dealing with Solids In Drain Field Lines

Solids can be a serious problem with your septic drain field. When solids block the lines, it can cause the system to quickly back up to the tank. The good news is this can be an easy problem to fix if it is caught in time. If the problem is just blockage, a specialized pump truck can be used to clear and clean the lines to get your system working properly again.

Old Drain Field Tiles That Collapse or Fail

The pipes of the drain field can also fail if they are old and outdated. Sometimes, they can collapse or may just be degrading due to their age. If you have a problem with old drain field tiles collapsing or failing, they are going to need to be replaced. These problems can sometimes be solved by aerating the old drain field tiles. If the problem is collapsing, the lines will have to be replaced entirely to solve your septic system's issues.

Overly Saturated Septic Drain Field Problems

The drain field can also be overly saturated. This happens with older systems that have been used for several years. The problem is that sometimes older systems do not have good percolation, which is the filtration of effluent through the soil. This issue can be repaired by installing a secondary drain field that can be used and alternated when the old drain field recovers.

Issues with Undersized Drain Tiles That Need to Be Updated

Undersized drain fields are another problem that you could be dealing with. If your drain field cannot handle the needs of your plumbing, you may need to have it updated with more lines and filtration medium. This can help prevent problems with the tank becoming full and solids getting into the drain field lines. The additional lines and filtration medium will also help protect against groundwater contamination.

The drain field repairs can also be an opportunity to upgrade your system with features to prevent future problems. Contact a septic drain field repair for more information.


9 December 2020

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