The Complete Guide To Maintenance, Repairs, And Improvements To Keep Your Fireplace Safe

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If your family likes to sit by the fire during cold winter nights, you want to make sure your fireplace is safe. Doing the right cleaning maintenance, repairs, and improvements will help keep your home safe during the cold winter nights when you have a fire. The following guide will help you with everything you need to know about keeping your fireplace and chimney clean and safe for winter fires:

Make Sure Your Chimney And Fireplace Flue Are Clean Before The Cold Winter Months

There are a lot of problems that can affect your chimney and fireplace when they get dirty. It can cause the flue to not work properly and soot to buildup in the chimney stack. These problems cause smoke and fire hazards that can be avoided. Therefore, you want to make sure that the fireplace and chimney are cleaned every year to keep your home safe during the winter months.

Repair Leaks and Minor Chimney Damage Before There Is Serious Damage And Hazards

There are also problems with leaks and damage to the chimney that cause water damage as well as hazards when you use the fireplace. Therefore, you want to routinely inspect your fireplace for damage that needs to be repaired to ensure it is safe when you use your fireplace during the winter months.

Install Deterrent Systems To Keep Birds and Other Pests Out Of Your Chimney And Causing Hazards

The pest that nest in chimneys during spring or fall to get out of the cold can cause serious hazards. This is due to the debris that they bring to the nest that can catch fire, which can be avoided by installing screens and deterrent systems to keep pests out of your chimney. In addition, you should have your chimney cleaned after not using it for months to ensure any nests and debris are removed to make your fireplace safer.

Checking The Design Of Your Chimney For Problems That Cause Leaks and Hazards When You Start a Fire

The design of your chimney can also be a problem that leads to leaks, hazards, and damage. Therefore, you will want to have it inspected when cleaning is done to ensure it is safe. You may want to have improvements done to the roof to prevent leaks as well as to the chimney stack to reduce fire and smoke hazards when you use your fireplace.

This is everything you need to know about the cleaning, maintenance, and improvements that need to be done to keep your fireplace clean and safe. If you need help with your fireplace, contact a chimney cleaning service.


15 May 2020

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