Are You Designing A Hardscape?


Have you decided to add interest to your current landscaping plan by creating a hardscape design? If so, maybe you have decided to do that because it will be good for the environment and because it will lighten your gardening workload. Or, you might have seen beautiful hardscapes as you traveled in places like Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. 

No matter the scenario behind your decision to design a hardscape, are you already working on your plan? If not, from buying concrete ready mix to choosing ways to enhance the hardscape, here are some ideas that might help you.

Start By Purchasing Concrete Ready Mix - If you are a person who enjoys your own work, perhaps you will be building your own hardscape. Think of starting with concrete ready mix. If you've used this type of material before, you already know that it is very affordable. And, it's a dream to work with. If you've never used concrete ready mix in the past, you are probably going to like it so much that you will be purchasing it for additional projects you work on in the future. 

Maybe this is your first big project. If so, you may not know how much of the ready mix you should purchase. No sweat. The agent where you buy it will have the experience to advise you on how much you'll need for your hardscape. He or she will also be happy to give you tips on how to use it that aren't included in the general directions.

For example, the agent might suggest that you add interest to the concrete foundation by faux painting it to look like a brick or pebble road. Or, the agent might suggest that you do a simple design in the wet cement, using a stiff bristle broom or a rake. For added fun, ask your children or children to put their handprints or footprints in the wet mix. 

​More Ways To Enhance The Hard Scape - Think of ways you can add interest to your hardscape. For example, buy pots and other planters that can later be filled with seasonal plants, including flowering plants like daisies and petunias. That will add color to the hardscape, right? Maybe you want something to use as a focal point for the hardscape. In that case, maybe a large statue or a multi-tiered fountain would be a good choice.

Think of drawing your hardscape design on paper. That will help you to create balance in the design. For instance, if you have many pots in one part of the hardscape, you can add balance by placing a statue in a different part of the hardscape. 

To get started, contact a local concrete company like Mershon Concrete


5 November 2019

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