Why Is Chemical Grouting Used When Building Tunnels?

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If you're going to be building a tunnel sometime soon, you might need to call a chemical grouting company to have chemical grouting done first. Chemical grouting can be useful for all sorts of applications, and it's particularly useful when you are building tunnels for these key reasons.

Make Installing the Tunnel Easier

You may think that it will be easier to install a tunnel if the soil is soft and easy to work with. Although this might be the case with some types of projects, it's probably not going to be the case when you and your team are installing a tunnel. After all, you will need to make sure that the soil is secure and hard enough that you can tunnel through it without worrying about all of the soil being displaced. With chemical grouting, you can make sure that the soil that surrounds the area where the tunnel will be installed will stay in place while you and your crew are working, which can make installation of the tunnel much easier.

Help Make Sure the Tunnel is Secure

Once the tunnel is installed, you will want to make sure that it is secure and long-lasting. Having chemical grouting done before the tunnel is installed will help with this. Then you can help make sure that soil will not collapse on top of or around your tunnel and put your tunnel at risk. This makes use of the tunnel much safer in many cases, and it helps prevent damage to the tunnel over the coming months and years, too.

Prevent Water from Leaking Into the Tunnel

Lastly, depending on where your tunnel is being built, there is the possibility that water could get into the tunnel if you are not careful. Chemical grouting can be used to seal the area around the tunnel from water. This helps prevent the dangers and aggravations of water leaking around and into the tunnel. Of course, additional measures might have to be taken to prevent problems that are caused by water, but chemical grouting can be highly effective at creating a seal and preventing water-related problems with tunnels of all types.

Building a tunnel can be an exciting project, but you will need to take all of the right steps so that you can make sure that it is done right. Chemical grouting is useful when building tunnels for these reasons and more, so consider working with a company that offers chemical grouting services before you get started with the tunnel building project. Contact a company like A-PAC Pressure Grouting Inc. in order to learn more.


1 August 2019

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