Trying To Decide Whether To Call A Real Estate Agent Or Remodeling Contractor?

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If you and your spouse can't decide if you want to renovate your home or move, then you have some serious thinking to do. Whether to move or renovate is often a complicated dilemma because there are many advantages to remodeling and there are also many different advantages to moving and starting over in a different house. To help you make this important decision and move forward with your lives, here are some things to help you decide whether to call a real estate agent or remodeling contractor:

A Property's Location Rules Supreme

The one single thing you can't change about any property is its location. So, if you love that your house is close to your child's school or your employer, then this is one reason you might want to stay put and renovate.

However, if your home doesn't have a desirable location, then this is a strong indicator you should consider moving. Whether your home is next to a busy road or neighbors who are causing you a lot of headaches, even the best renovation contractor won't be able to change these things.

Property and House Size Matter

One thing a renovation contractor can't change is the size of your property. So if you bought a house with a small yard and now want more space to plant a vegetable garden or put in a pool, then moving makes a lot of sense.

In addition, smaller homes can be renovated to make them larger, but there are limitations on how much you can add on to a house. Especially in a neighborhood with smaller-size homes, you can't just add on a huge addition and not have the house be overbuilt for the area. Overbuilt homes look weird, and they are hard to sell for enough money to recoup your remodeling costs.

In contrast, if your lot is large or your home is undersized for your neighborhood, then remodeling can add to its value and might be the better option.

Do You Plan to Stay in the Area Long Term?

After considering your property's location and size, then you need to think about your future plans. Do you plan to stay in the area for the long term, or do you plan to move in a couple of years when your kids graduate from high school or you and your spouse retire?

If you only plan to stay in the home for another year or two, then call a real estate agent and skip the risk of trying to remodel then sell for a price high enough to recoup all of your costs. However, if you want to stay in your current area for a decade or more, then call a renovation contractor.


1 August 2019

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