4 Masonry Projects To Makeover Your Landscaping With Luxury Hardscaping Features

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The landscaping around your home can be improved with attractive masonry features, such as stone paths, brick smoker, and cooking areas or attractive stone walls. If you want the hardscape features of your landscaping to have a luxury look, masonry materials like brick and natural stone are a good choice. The following ideas will help give your home a luxurious landscaping design with masonry hardscaping features:

1. Brick and Stone Pergolas with Seating, Water or Firepit Features

Having a seating area is an important aspect of outdoor living spaces, which can be integrated into the landscaping with masonry hardscaping features. Consider options like pergolas, which can also include focal point features like an aquatic garden or firepit. This is a great way to create a large gathering and seating area for your outdoor space.

2. Perfect Outdoor Cooking Areas with Masonry Integrated into Hardscaping

One of the features that are important when creating an outdoor living space is the addition of a cooking area. If you have terrain that is difficult to work with or a limited amount of space to work with, retaining walls and masonry can be used to build cooking areas into the hardscaping. This can be a grill or smoking area that is recessed into retaining walls.

3. Recessed Paths That Meander Through Wildlife and Natural Forest Spaces

The terrain around your home may be difficult to work with and include forested or natural areas that you want to preserve. One way that you can create a luxury design in your landscaping is to use retaining walls to create recessed paths that meander through the natural wildlife spaces without creating visual obstructions.  Using lighting in these paths will also help to illuminate the natural space around your home at night in a subtle way.

4. Retaining Walls and Patio Spaces Created with Brick or Stone Materials

Sometimes, the difficult terrain around your home may make it difficult to create level patios for outdoor living spaces. This is something that can be corrected with a combination of retaining walls and paved surfaces made of brick, stone, and outdoor pavers. Use the hardscaping to give your backyard areas more usable outdoor living space.

These are some tips to help give your home a luxury landscape design with masonry hardscaping features. If you are ready to makeover your outdoor spaces, contact a masonry contractor or look at sites like http://www.cabcoaz.com for ideas for planning the hardscaping features around your home.  


14 May 2019

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