4 Reasons Aluminum Fencing Is A Smart Choice For A Pool Enclosure

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If you have a pool in your backyard, your town or city probably requires you to fence the pool in. There are a number of types of fencing you could use, from wood to chain link. However, aluminum fencing is, in many areas, the most popular choice for pool enclosures and for good reasons.

Aluminum fencing doesn't corrode easily.

Aluminum does not rust, and although it will eventually corrode, it takes a long time for the corrosion to set in. Exposure to salt does not seem to accelerate the rate of corrosion as it does with stainless steel fencing. This is important to note if you have a salt water pool or think you may convert to a salt system at any point in the future. 

Aluminum fencing is lightweight and easy to install.

Wooden fences take a long time to assemble, and fences made from steel are very heavy. Aluminum, on the other hand, weighs quite little considering how durable it is. Plus, it often comes in pre-assembled panels, making installation a breeze. This is a benefit whether you install the fence yourself or hire someone to do so. If you install the fence yourself, the process will be less labor intensive than if you go with other materials. If you hire someone, you will pay them less because the installation will be faster and fencing companies often bill hourly for installation. 

Aluminum fencing can be designed to be tough to climb.

You don't want anyone climbing over your pool fence to access your pool. This is a big liability issue, as you could be sued if they get injured in the pool. Chain link fencing is very easy for someone to climb. Aluminum fencing, on the other hand, is often designed with tall, thin posts or bars. These are hard to climb because they tend to be slippery. You can have the fence topped with pointy spires to further deter trespassers if needed. 

Aluminum fences can be seen through.

Aluminum fences are not solid fences like a wood or vinyl privacy fence would be. Rather, you can peer between the bars to see what is going on inside the pool area. This is important for safety reasons. You would not want someone to fall into the pool or otherwise be injured and not be seen. It also deters people from illegally entering your pool because they fear they will be seen.

Talk to a fencing company in your area to learn more about aluminum fencing. 


26 March 2019

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