Painting Cabinets With A Spray Gun

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Are you going to repaint a cabinet? Are you thinking about using a pneumatic spray gun system get the job done? Obviously, paint rollers are cheaper and more affordable. But, making the effort to rent or buy a basic pneumatic spray gun system can ultimately save you time and money. This article explains how pneumatic spray guns work and should help you determine if it is going to be worthwhile to rent one for your project.

Finding a Spray gun

There are many different levels of pneumatic spray guns. There are cheap over the counter guns that can work well for small projects, and there are large compressor power guns that are used for industrial paint jobs. If you were painting multiple rooms inside your home, do you want something in the middle? 

Usually, there will be a lot of suitable rentals available at your local home improvement or paint store. Unless you are constantly painting stuff or trying to work as a professional painter, it probably isn't worth your money to invest in a pneumatic spray gun system. Rentals are cheap, and you can get a very affordable weekly rate that will give you plenty of time to complete your job.

Using a Spray Gun

Cabinet painting with a spray gun is easy, and the actual application of the paint is fairly self-explanatory. It might take some time to get used to how the gun sprays, and how to get a uniform finish. This also depends on the consistency and color of the paint that you use. So, you basically just need to practice a little bit with your paint and gun, regardless of your experience.

Dealing With Paint Overspray

The biggest thing you need to worry about is the overspray. Using a spray gun creates a much bigger mess than just using rollers. So, if you are painting the inside of rooms that are fully furnished with finished flooring, it is going to take a substantial amount of preparation work. On the other hand, if you're painting a new building that doesn't have flooring or furniture yet, using a spray gun is going to be significantly quicker because you won't need to do so much masking off or preparation work. That is what truly takes up most of the time.

In the end, you shouldn't be intimidated by using a pneumatic spray gun. They are extremely easy to use, and they are affordable to rent or buy. For more information, contact a company like Gerald L Scott Custom Cabinetry.


27 May 2018

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