Four Advantages Of Commercial Roof Coatings

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Commercial roof coatings are applied over an already existing roof, and consist of a plastic or synthetic material that is sprayed directly on to the underlying shingles or roof much like paint. The material qualities and unique method of installation give roof coatings a number of distinctive benefits that they provide to your commercial property. Understanding some of the advantages associated with roof coatings can help you figure out if a roof coating is a right fit for your commercial property.

Roof Waterproofing

One of the largest advantages of roof coatings is the fact that they provide a waterproof barrier on top of your existing roofing materials, making the development of leaks much less likely. This is because roof coatings are sprayed on, and thus do not have any seams through which water may seep. Furthermore, the spray-on application of roof coatings allows them to be easily installed around hard to reach areas, including vents and other roofing installations that represent likely spots for water and roofing damage to originate from.

Increased Durability

Beyond protecting your roof from water damage and leaks, roof coatings are also physically durable and can help protect your roofing materials from a wide variety of environmental stressors that can break them down over time. This can help extend the overall lifespan of your roof, allowing you to push back roof replacement and saving you money on both roofing repairs and replacement in the long run.

Heat Reflection

Another major advantage of roof coatings is the fact that you can choose to use a specific coating that has a reflective finish, which will help prevent the heat from the sun being absorbed into your property. This is especially important if your commercial property is located in a hot climate. This reflective coating can quickly reduce your monthly energy bills by reducing the amount of time that your property's air conditioners have to operate to keep the interior comfortable, which can help pay against the initial cost of installing a roof coating.

Aesthetic Considerations

Finally, in a similar vein to the second point, roof coatings can also help protect the appearance of the roofing materials that they are installed upon. This can help make sure that your commercial property maintains an attractive and neat appearance, boosting the curb appeal of the business inside – which can have a marked impact on the perception of your property and business that clients and customers have.

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6 March 2018

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