3 Remodeling Updates That Will Increase The Look And Feel Of Your Small Master Bathroom

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The master bathroom is one of the most important rooms of your home. Unfortunately, your master bath may not be the room of your dreams. An open, spacious, and functional master bath is not only important for bathing and grooming, but it is also an appealing option for buyers if you ever need to sell your home. To enhance the look and feel of your small master bath, consider these remodeling updates.


If you have one large pane of mirrored glass, consider removing it and replacing with two smaller mirrors. Mirrors reflect light in your bathroom, creating a brighter and more open space. Choose a mirror with beveled mirrored sides instead of a dark wood or resin frame. An oval tilting mirror over each sink will also be a wise choice.

Frameless Shower

Removing a standard shower or tub/shower combination may seem excessive, but it will be a great investment for your needs and your home's value. These standard bathing areas have heavy frames that are bulky and difficult to clean.

A glass shower will open even the smallest of bathrooms up. The frameless design is bright and airy, which allows light to reflect off the glass into the rest of your master bathroom. This creates a warmer, brighter space that feels large and spacious. Even just installing a glass shower door will improve the space in the bathroom. For more information and options, contact a professional service, such as California Reflections Inc.


The glass used in your mirrors and shower enclosure will help your bathroom look bigger and more attractive, but only if you have the right lighting in the space. Recessing lighting can be installed directly into the ceilings of your bathroom in your shower enclosure for extra illumination. Wall sconces around your mirrors and even a chandelier in the middle of your bathroom will also increase the light needed to brighten your small bathroom.

Use LED bulbs in each fixture for a whiter, brighter light that does not require an excessive amount of energy. Lastly, consider adding a skylight or window into the design of your master bathroom.

If you build a home from the ground up, you will have the option of making certain rooms larger. Unfortunately, making the rooms in your existing home larger will be expensive and time-consuming. Using mirrors, frameless glass showers, and the right lighting, you can enhance the size of your small master bathroom. 


6 December 2017

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