Using a Rented Stud Welder to Remove Dents from Your Building's Metal Panels

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Traditionally, removing dents from a metal surface inside a building required the drilling of holes for the placement of studs. These studs were then used to pull the dent out of the metal, but this also resulted in a weakening of the metal surface. In order to retain the structural integrity of metal surfaces, more and more construction companies are turning to stud-welding processes for dent removal instead.

Welding a series of pins to the dented surface, pulling the dent out, and then snipping and grinding the pins to restore the aesthetic appearance eliminates the drilling of holes that can weaken metal. Renting a stud welder to make repairs can be beneficial, but only if you know how to operate these pieces of equipment.

Here are two tips that you can use to ensure you are able to operate your rented stud welder to eliminate dents in your building's metal surfaces in the future.

1. Purchase the right studs.

In order to ensure that your rented stud-welder functions properly, you must use studs that are designed to work specifically with your welder.

Most stud welders rely on either an ARC welding process or a CD welding process. The studs used with ARC welding machines are larger in diameter, and they are designed to be fastened to thick base metals (like steel or aluminum). The CD welding process is designed to attach pins of smaller diameters to thin metal bases.

Be sure that you know which welding process your stud-welding machine is designed for, and then purchase the stud pins that are best suited for use with that particular process.

2. Place your stud pins carefully.

When you are welding your stud pins to the surface of your metal building, it's essential that you place the pins carefully before you power on your stud-welding machine.

Rented machines will fire on at different rates, so it can be difficult to predict how much time you will have to adjust the placement of your pin before the weld takes place. Stud-welding guns are designed to complete welds extremely fast, so ensuring proper pin placement before you power on a rented machine will eliminate mistakes.

Being able to use a rented stud welder to eliminate dents from your building's metal panels will help you keep your structure in good condition. Be sure that you are using the right pins and placing these pins carefully when you use a rented stud welder to make it easy to pull out dents using stud-welding techniques in the future.


1 December 2016

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