Are You Suffering From Whole-Apartment Plumbing Backups? Bottom Floor Clogs Might Be To Blame


Dealing with plumbing backups in your apartment building can be a long-term process, especially if multiple ones are occurring throughout the building. However, if this problem continues to recur for residents in your complex across multiple floors, there might be a clog in the bottom floor piping contributing to this problem.

The Plumbing In Your Building Is Connected

To deal with this problem, you have to understand the ways that the plumbing in your complex is connected. Basically, all of your apartments' plumbing will empty out into a main drain pipe that is built out of multiple pipe types, including vertical stacks (which take water and sewage up and down) and horizontal stacks (which take water and sewage left and right).

A clog in the upper level pipes should only cause problems with apartments that are on the same level of higher. For example, a clog on the third-floor pipes will affect that floor and others above it, but not the second or first floor. Therefore, a whole-apartment backup problem is likely caused by a clog on your first floor.

The Beginning Of A Clog On The Bottom Floor

A clog in your bottom floor's pipes can be a major cause of blockage for your entire building. The problem here is that water will flow through these pipes to escape your building. A clog in them can cause a backup that can impact every apartment in your building. For example, multiple sinks or toilets might back up, causing you to rush around unclogging these items in multiple apartments.

This can be an exasperating process and one that is likely leading to you working a lot harder than necessary. Thankfully, it's possible to break up the clog in your bottom floor's pipes and keep your apartment building from suffering from those annoying and destructive clogs.

How To Clean Out The Clog

The first step in this process requires identifying the pipes on the bottom floor of your apartment and finding an inlet. Typically, there should be an area which you can open after turning off the apartment building's water system. Make sure you tell everyone in the apartment about this to avoid confusion. After turning off the water, there are multiple clog-breaking techniques you can use, including:

  • Running a manual plumbing snake through the pipes
  • Power-rodding an electrical plumbing snake through the pipes
  • Washing drain cleaner down the pipes
  • Hydro-jetting the pipes with a high-pressure water machine
  • Removing the drainage pipe (typically a "U" shaped pipe at the end of a vertical pipe) and removing any excessive gunk

Clean all of the main pipes on the first floor of your apartment to help eliminate whole-apartment clogging. If you are still suffering from this problem after finishing this cleaning process, call a professional right away. For more information, contact a business such as Midwestern Plumbing Service.


7 November 2016

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