Shredding: Not Just For Paper Documents Anymore

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With more and more companies converting to digital communications, the importance of being able to successfully destroy electronic components is growing. While companies used to be able to rely on a shredder to eliminate correspondence on paper, digital correspondence can be more challenging to eliminate.

Shredding companies have risen to the demand for successful elimination of electronic information by offering shredding services for hard drives. Here are two ways that a shredding contractor can assist you in destroying any potential information on your unwanted hard drives in the future.

1. Shredding contractors have shearing equipment to destroy hard drives.

Data breaches can be a source of serious concern for companies that deal with private and confidential information. If you have stored this type of information on the hard drives in your company's computers, proper elimination of these hard drives after an upgrade is a must.

You can work with a shredding contractor to have your old hard drives sheared. The shearing process slices your hard drive into small pieces using machinery that can generate a significant amount of force.

Once the slicing is complete, the drive platters within your old hard drives are damaged beyond repair, leaving any residual electronic information they might have contained unrecoverable.

2. Shredding contractors can crush your old hard drives to destroy information.

Another method that shredding contractors can use to destroy your company's old hard drives is crushing. Using machines that generate a tremendous amount of pressure, hard drives can be crushed with ease.

During the crushing process the magnetic surfaces within the data platters are fractured. These fractures make the recovery of any data that may be lurking within your old hard drives unrecoverable should the hard drives fall into the hands of would-be criminals.

It's possible for crushing and slicing to be used in tandem in order to ensure maximum protection against data breaches by guaranteeing destruction of your old hard drives.

Managing the data that your company works with on a regular basis is important. While you take the necessary steps to destroy any physical evidence of this data by shredding print-outs and copies, it's essential that you are planning for the eventual destruction of your obsolete hard drives to guarantee total protection against any breaches. Talk to a shredding contractor like Document Demolition LLC about taking advantage of shearing and crushing services when getting rid of your company's old hard drives in the future.


24 October 2016

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