Sick of Your House? Or Is Your House Making You Sick? 3 Shocking Ways Your House Is Making You Sick

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Owning a home can be challenging due to the different tasks that are needed to keep it clean, functional, and appealing. Unfortunately, forgoing these tasks will not only decrease your home's appeal and value but it can also cause you to develop conditions that affect your health. From the use of products that contain toxic ingredients and a heavy buildup of dust to an overwhelming moisture problem that resulted from a simple leak, your home may actually be making you sick. Here are a few surprising ways your house is making you sick.

Using Common Household Products

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are found in a large variety of products you use in your home every day. Emitted as gases into your home, VOCs negatively affect your indoor air quality. Constant exposure to these harmful gases can decrease your ability to breathe, cause headaches, and irritate your skin and eyes.

You may be surprised which products contain these VOCs. Cleaning sprays and polishes, air fresheners, paints and stains, pesticides, craft and hobby supplies, and even your dry-cleaned clothes may all contain VOCs.

Reducing your exposure to these compounds is possible. Be sure your home is properly ventilated and make sure your cleaning products, paints, stains, pesticides, and other products are closed and stored properly. Dispose of products that you no longer use and clean up products that you spill immediately.

Improper HVAC Maintenance

A large accumulation of dust in your home will also make you sick. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that a dust issue may stem from improper maintenance of a heating and cooling system.

Your system moves air into your home through the vents found in various rooms of your house. During this process, dirt, dust, and other allergens are trapped by your system's filter. Over time, this filter will become clogged with debris, reducing its ability to block allergens and debris from entering your home's air. Without replacing this filter, large amounts of dust and allergens will build up inside your home.

Make sure to change your filter once a month, especially if you have pets or suffer from allergies.

Small Leaks That Become a Big Problem

If there is a hidden water leak in your home. These hidden leaks can cause mold to grow inside your home, leading to respiratory issues, nausea, headaches, and irritation to the skin and eyes. To reduce the risk of mold growth, consider sealing your crawl space and invest in basement waterproofing.

Inspect your foundation, basement, and interior walls and ceiling for cracks or bubbles in the paint. If wood floors appear warped, you may also have an underlying leak. If any moisture is present in your basement or crawlspace, it may stem from a leak in your plumbing or septic system.

Home ownership can be overwhelming, but it does not have to make you sick. With this guide, you will learn some surprising ways your home can make you and your family sick and what you can do to prevent illness.


14 September 2016

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