3 Options to Use Renewable Energy for Winter Savings

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If you want to save money on heating your home this winter, you do not have to be wrapped up in blankets to do so. Today, there are many options for renewable energy that you can add to your home to reduce your energy costs. Some of these options include solar water heaters, geothermal solutions, and bio-fuel solutions. If you are tired of high winter heating costs, here are some of the options that you may want to consider to give your home an energy-efficient system.

1. Biomass to Give Your Home Energy-Efficient Heating with Natural Resources

There are many different choices of biomass that you may want to consider to reduce your home's heating costs. Some of these can include pellet fuels that can be used in more conventional boilers and furnaces. There are also outdoor boilers and furnaces that can use almost any organic materials, such as firewood and agricultural waste. Outdoor boilers can be a good choice if you want to have district heating on your property.

2. Renewable Energy for Hot Water and Heating with a Solar Hot-Water Heater

Renewable energy can also come in many different forms to provide your home with affordable heating. Solar panels are one of the options that you may want to consider for heating improvements to power things like pumps and motors. In addition to panels, solar water heaters can be another form of solar energy that you may want to consider to reduce the energy consumption of your radiant heating system.

3. Geothermal Energy That Can Be Used for Your Home's Heating and Cooling Needs

The use of geothermal loops is becoming more common in the design of modern homes. This is because it is a proven technology that not only helps to reduce heating costs but also can reduce the costs of cooling your home during the summer months. Geothermal systems can be used with boilers for radiant heating and conventional HVAC systems. They work with a ground loop that acts as a heat exchanger deep beneath the surface of the ground, and these systems may even outlast conventional systems with similar designs.

These are some of the options that you may want to consider to make your home more energy efficient this summer with new heating technology. You can contact a heating service such as Vowel Plumbing & Heating to help with some of these improvements to the heating in your home before winter arrives.


8 September 2016

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