Create Custom Curtains For Your Home With Lace

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If you want to have elegant window treatments in your home but have a limited budget to purchase them, consider creating a unique set of window treatments on your own. Transforming a plain pair of curtains into something elegant and beautiful is easy to do. Use the guide below to learn how to add lace to a plain pair of curtains to get the elegant look you want.

Choose the Curtains

The first thing you need to do is to choose the curtains that you want to use in your home. Be sure to consider the length of the curtains. Some people prefer curtains that go all the way to the floor, while others want curtains that stop right at their window sill. It is up to you to choose the length that you want, but you need to be sure that you measure the length you need before you purchase any curtain. Be sure to also consider the color of curtains you want to use. Even though you will have lace over the curtains, you will still be able to see their color when you are finished.

Choose the Lace

Look closely at the packaging of the curtains to determine exactly how long and how wide they are. You need to go to a fabric store to find lace to adhere to the curtains. There will be many different types of lace available. Be sure to look closely at the patterns within the lace to choose a pattern that you think will look good in your home. Lace is often available in shades of ivory, cream, and white. You may want to bring one set of the curtains with you to the fabric store to lay the lace against to see which shade pairs the best with the color of the curtains.

Adhere the Lace to the Curtains

Iron the curtains to make sure that they are as flat as they can be. Be sure to look carefully at the tag before you begin ironing to be sure you set your iron to the right setting. Lay the curtain out flat and spray fabric adhesive all over the curtain. Lay the lace out flat on top of it and start pulling it until it is taught. Once the adhesive has had time to dry, trim the edges of the lace until there are roughly two inches of lace hanging over the sides of the curtain. Turn the curtain over and spray the edges of the curtain with the adhesive. Fold the lace over the edge of the curtain to adhere the ends to the back of the curtain.

Once the adhesive is totally dry, you can hang the curtains. They will have a one-of-a-kind look that will add a lot of character to your home. For more drapery options, or if you don't feel like making these curtains yourself, check out the selection at a company like Park City Blind & Design.


24 August 2016

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