Why You Should Not Use A Drain Snake

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Kitchen drain clogs are extremely common, and you may have tried a variety of different tricks to remove debris from your drain. Boiling water, vinegar, baking soda, and plungers can all help to loosen clogs. All of these things will place minimal pressure on your drainage pipes and reduce damage. However, they may not completely remove a solid clog formation. A drain snake may be able to do this, but you should probably hire a professional if heavy duty tools need to be used. Keep reading to understand a few reasons why you should not use a drain snake yourself. 

You Can Actually Cause A Leak

If your home is an older one, then there is a good possibility that you have metal sewage and waste pipes in your home. If your home was built around 1960, then the pipes may be steel. They may be lead varieties if your home is older. While metal pipes can last a long time, they will corrode over time. Corrosion can build so aggressively in your waste pipes that a clog is able to form. If it seems like drainage through your sink has reduced significantly over time, then a corrosion issue may be causing slowed drainage. If you decide to use a plumbing snake, then the device may break the clog away but cause a leak in the process.

To prevent leak issues, a professional will ask about the age of the house, whether a plumbing update has been completed, or if drainage lines are leaking. An investigation will also be completed. If the plumber feels that corrosion may be an issue, then a video borescope may be used in the pipe to look for rust damage. If corrosion is found, the plumber may complete a pipe replacement instead of a drain cleaning or a clog removal. This will help to resolve both the clog and corrosion problem.

You May Move The Clog

Residential drain snakes can be purchased at your local home store, and these snakes are typically quite short. The auger will have a blunt end and will move through the pipe with the help of a small crank. The blunt end will sometimes catch the clog or move through it. However, if the clog is hard and solid, the snake may simply move the clog to a place where it cannot be easily reached. The auger end can compress the clog and make it difficult to remove as well.

Your plumber will use a much longer and more powerful drain snake, and a motorized rooter may be used if a solid clog is suspected. The snake will be activated with the help of a motor, and the clog will be gripped or demolished fairly easily. This means that the clog problem can be resolved with one try if professional tools are used at the start. 

If you're convinced that you should use a professional rather than using a drain snake on your own, contact a company like Plumb Care Plumbing.


20 July 2016

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