Learning More About The Plumbing System In Your Older House


If you have purchased an older home and you plan on renovating it, one of the first places you need to start is with the plumbing system. The plumbing system in a lot of older homes used cast iron pipes that could cause you a lot of costly, stressful trouble. Learn more about older cast iron plumbing systems and how you can improve them during your renovation efforts.

Visible Signs Of Compromised Cast Iron Pipes

If you have noticed your slow emptying drains or have noticed a bad odor in your home, you may have problems with your cast pipes. Cast iron pipes can become rusted over the years, and back in the day, many people were not aware of how things like grease can cause clogs. Checking your cast iron pipes for rusting is a good idea. Bear in mind that just replacing a portion of your cast iron pipes is not a good idea because you will likely have trouble with the parts you left behind. Replacing all the cast iron pipes with modern PVC pipes is best to avoid repairs like drain cleaning.

Why An Old Plumbing System May Not Work So Well Anymore

Older plumbing systems depended on gravity and vents to function properly. As your old house settled over the years, the force of gravity the original plumbing system depended on may have lost a great deal of its pull. When there is a loss in gravitational pull in an old plumbing system, the water and wastewater may lie in pipes until enough water builds up to force some of it out, leaving the chance of unhealthy fumes to simmer from sewage water. For this reason, replacing the entire plumbing system in an old house is advised.

Renovating Older Plumbing Systems Means Considering Modern Energy Efficiency

One of the worst things about older plumbing systems is they were not designed for energy efficiency. Saving money on your energy bills can start with your plumbing system and hot water heater. When renovating and replacing old cast iron pipes, installing a heat recovery device is a good idea. A heat recovery device takes the remaining heat from waste water that comes from your washing machine, sinks and shower/tub and uses it to heat the water going into your hot water heater. In this way, the heater does not have to work as hard to heat a tank of water, helping to reduce your cost for it running longer.

Many older homes hold a special charm that remains preserved more so than any other part of the home. Taking care to renovate and replace the entire plumbing system in your older house is important for it to remain inviting and livable.


20 July 2016

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