Practice Boat Safety To Protect The Condition Of Your Dock

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A dock is a significant investment. As with any other investment, protection is key. You play the most important role in this area. How you maneuver and care for your boat has a direct effect on the condition of your dock. Make sure you know what boat care tips you should be following to keep your dock intact for many years to come.   

Always Dock Correctly

There is a wrong and a right way to dock. Docking the right way is the best way to protect your dock. Proper docking should begin with a focus on the condition of the water. What are the wind and tide conditions like? Understanding this information will allow you to better plan the speed and angle at which you need to approach the dock.

If you fail to consider this information you could come in too hard or at the wrong angle and slam into the dock, causing damage. Once you decide to start heading in, start monitoring the water and weather conditions so you can plan accordingly.

Upgrade Bumper And Edging Screws

Dock bumpers and edging serve as buffers between your vessel and the dock, helping protect both structures. However, this statement is only true when both the bumpers and edging are securely in place. With regular metal screws, the constant exposure to moisture can cause rust to quickly develop. Rust minimizes the integrity of screws.

A severely rusted screw can fail, causing the bumper or edging to easily fall off and expose the dock to damage. If you're currently using regular metal screws to connect these protective aides, consider an upgrade to stainless-steel dock-grade screws. This screw style will avoid the risk of rusting and can minimize the risk for damage.

Use Proper Mooring Techniques

Make sure you are relying on proper mooring techniques. The most important way to make improvements in this area is to ensure you are mooring in the correct location. Never secure your boat along a weak area of the dock. The best places for mooring include bolted cleats and the area near your dock lines. 

Securing the boat in these spaces will keep the boat more stable. When you attach the boat to weak areas, this only increases pressure on the dock's structure and the risk of failure. Failure won't just damage the dock, but it can also cause the boat to detach and float away.

Make sure you are doing your part to protect your boat and your dock.

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4 July 2016

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