Four Well Maintenance Steps You Should Perform Every Year

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If you have a well on your property or are considering having one drilled, they may seem complicated. Unless you're an expert, it's likely that much of the maintenance and repair will be done by professionals rather than as a do-it-yourself job. But there are four important steps every well owner should perform annually as preventative maintenance, and these can be done regardless of how much you know about plumbing or how your specific well works.

ā€‹1. Do a Visual Inspection

Your well will typically operate without you having to keep a close eye on it, but an annual inspection of the wellhead is necessary to make sure there are no possible contaminants, leaks, or damaged parts or equipment. Take a look at the wellhead area, which includes the protruding wellhead, any pipes above the ground, and any electrical parts and casings. Make sure that everything is clean, free of damage, and clear of obstructions -- for example, you don't want plants growing on top of your pipes, as their roots could cause breakage. If there is a vent, make sure the vent is clear of debris as well.

This is the best time to do any cleanup. Tear out any weeds or plants growing within 10 feet of your system and move any chemicals like paint, fertilizer, or weed killers away from the wellhead.

2. Perform a Contaminant Test

Keeping track of your well water's quality is important so you can keep track of any changes, especially if you have ever noticed any changes in water color or taste. Even if you haven't, perform a test annually to make sure that your water supply is safe. If you have any maintenance done to your system, you should have a test done after this as well to make sure the maintenance has not affected your water quality. You can pick up a well water test kit at many hardware stores or online. If you want to make sure you're buying a quality kit, your state's environmental and health departments can provide you with information on what sort of contaminants you should be looking for.

3. Water Pressure Test

If you experience any variations in water pressure, this doesn't necessarily mean your well is failing. Changes in pressure can come from everything from obstructions in pipes to mechanical failures. As part of your annual maintenance, check your water pressure by opening every tap and faucet in your house one by one. This can help you determine whether any fluctuations are happening across your entire home, or whether it's limited to certain areas of your home, in which case your well system may not be the issue. This can help you find potential problems before they grow, and can help you narrow down a problem in the event you need to call a technician.

4. Get Your Paperwork In Order

Nobody likes paperwork, but you should make sure that you have organized all of your receipts, service requests, water test results, the construction report, well logs, and other information. Just like service on your car, it's important to keep track of what maintenance has been done and when, as well as keeping track of the names of the people and companies that serviced your well. So once a year, compile all your paperwork and make sure it's all accounted for. It can be helpful to list things chronologically or by type of paperwork to make things easier to find. Contact a water system maintenance company for more information.   


11 May 2016

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