Started A New Business? 2 Types Of Signs To Bring In Customers

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If you are opening a new business, it takes a lot of work, such as hiring employees, financing your business, and more. Because of this, it is easy to forget about one very important part and that is advertisements. One type of advertisement you can use is signs. Using them in the right way can make a big difference in how many customers walk through your door. Below are some signs you can use for your business. 

Types of Signs

There are different types of signs you can choose from and if you have never used them before, it may be confusing to you. To help you out, below are two types you should consider.

Window Graphics

Decals placed on a window on the front of your business will attract the attention of people walking in front of your building. The colors on the decal are important, as you want people to be able to see and read it easily. Always use a font that is darker than the background to make the words stand out. Something simple like a black background with white lettering works well. The font you use should also be easy to read.

With the latest technology available today, you can make graphic windows signs that not even close to be boring. Companies now have things available like large computer cutters and digital printers to make graphics. Below are two types you can choose from:

  • Window perfs: This type of graphic window sign is designed so that people can see out of the sign when inside your business. People outside, however, will only see the graphic.
  • Frost: There are window graphics that have the illusion of being frosted glass or etched to make the signs look unique.

Change your graphic signs up periodically, such as every few months, to make your signs more attractive to people.

LED Signs

LED signs are an eye catcher, and there are different types of outdoor signs you can choose from, including:

  • Full color: Full color LED signboards are generally are all in one color and used to convey important information, such as if you are currently having a big sale.
  • Tri-Color: Tri-color LED signs use mixed colors throughout a graphic or characters. Using different colors make these signs attractive, eye-catching, and makes your sign more memorable.
  • Single Color: Outdoor single color signs use one color to convey your message. Many businesses use this type of sign to display discounts, products, and address.

Talk with the sign company, as they can give you many more tips about the signs you are interested in.


25 April 2016

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