The Squeaky Garage Door Gets The Grease: How Garage Door Services Keep Things Quiet And Smooth

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Because many garage doors are made of metal and have metal components that rust or corrode, they are susceptible to grating and squeaking noises. Part of your garage door maintenance should include addressing these issues so that you are not disturbing any of your neighbors when you open your garage door. Here are a few helpful ways in which a garage door service can help keep the moving parts free of rust and/or corrosion and keep the door as quiet as any garage door can be.

Removing Rust from the Chain

If your garage door relies on a chain and pulley system to help lift the door, then the chain is very much like a bicycle chain. It is very susceptible to rust, and an anti-rust product like WD40 lubricant is what your service technician will probably use to remove some traces of rust and prevent more from accumulating. If the chain is especially covered in rust, your technician may remove the chain entirely and soak it in a rust removal bath before reinstalling it. If the chain is completely beyond saving, you may need a new chain altogether, which the technician will sell to you and install at the time of service.

Lubricating the Casters

Most overhead garages operate on a track frame, i.e., they have casters connected to the sides of the door that roll through a track frame when you roll the door up. If your garage door has casters, they are probably contributing a lot of the squeaking noise you hear when you open the garage. These wheels should be well-lubricated so that they move freely and without hesitation in their tracks. In addition to lubricating the wheels, your service technician may suggest a product that can line the tracks in order to stabilize the casters and keep them from wobbling and grating against the tracks.

Insulating and Sound-Proofing the Panels

Finally, after all of the other metal parts of your garage door have been maintained and silenced, you may want to consider adding some sound-proofing insulation to the panels of the garage door. This special insulation is only applied to the backs of each of your garage door's panels, and not to the front of the panels or in between the panels, so that the door maintains its outward appearance and can shut all the way without getting jammed up. Your service technician can show you some samples of products you can buy which will help soften the sound vibrations created when the door is opened and closed. 

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6 April 2016

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