Two Bathroom Remodeling Tips

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Ensuring that your home's bathroom is in the best condition possible is important for making your home as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Unfortunately, many homes have less-than-desirable bathrooms, and if this is the case for your house, you will want to consider a remodeling project. To make sure that you get the most from these renovations, you should use the following two tips to reduce the odds of making common oversights.

Consider Installing Skylights

Natural light can improve the feel and aesthetics in almost any room. However, it can be difficult to achieve this with bathrooms due to privacy concerns. Fortunately, you can still enjoy the benefits of natural light by opting to have skylights installed. Sadly, some people may not consider this option because they are concerned about the costs involved with this type of window.

If you are concerned about these costs, it should be noted that these windows can help to reduce the energy costs of using your bathroom. By having ample natural light, you can avoid needing to use the lights in the bathroom, which can help to offset the costs of installing these windows. 

Design To Control Humidity

Believe it or not, but one site says that it only takes about 4 to 6 pints of water to raise the humidity levels from 15 to 60% in a space of about 1,000 square feet. So battling excessive humidity in the bathroom is a problem that many homeowners will have to address. If you fail to keep the bathroom properly ventilated, it is possible for rot, molds, and other problems to develop. In addition to causing foul odors, these issues can contribute to serious health issues and for structural weaknesses. To reduce the harmful effects of humidity, you should consider having a dehumidifier and additional ventilation fans installed by a professional, like Albrecht & Son LLC. If you want to decrease the humidity without a noisy fan, make sure you install a window so that you can circulate fresh air.

A bathroom remodeling project can be great for improving the value of your house. For homeowners that have never undertaken this type of remodeling project, the entire ordeal can be confusing and complicated. However, it is important to consider these two tips to ensure that your bathroom remodel goes as smoothly and productively as possible. By appreciating the energy savings of installing skylights as well as the dangers of excess humidity, you can help ensure you choose the perfect design for your home's needs.  


14 March 2016

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