4 Tips For Removing Household Odors

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If you find that your home has a lingering odor you can't quite place your finger on, it might not have anything to do with your daily cleaning tasks. Some odors are in certain areas of your home that don't often get included in regular cleaning routines. Here are some tips for identifying and removing these household odors.

Clean the Trash Can

While you might take out your trash promptly, the can itself can pick up a lot of stinky odors. Every time you put trash in the bag, you risk having stuff leak out or having odors linger in the can. It needs to be cleaned very well on a regular basis. For starters, bring the can outside and rinse it out well. You can use dish detergent to wash it and scrub it clean, or use bleach if the odors are really bad. Rinse it well and dry it thoroughly before putting a bag in it. You can also prevent future odors by putting a few dryer sheets at the bottom of the can before placing bags inside.

Have the Carpets Cleaned

Even if you vacuum and shampoo your carpets on a regular basis, they might still be the source of odors in your home. It is possible that some stains have reached beneath the top layer of carpeting and are soaking through the padding underneath. When this happens, aside from replacing the carpeting and padding, the best thing you can do is pay for professional carpet cleaning. They will help to remove all stains and sources of odors, from food and water spills, to odors from pet accidents that you might not have realized were there.

Take Care of Plumbing Problems

Your household odors might be the result of plumbing problems that haven't been taken care of. Just because your drain is only a little slow, doesn't mean you should put off calling a plumber. Even small clogs in the drains can lead to bigger problems. In the meantime, it might be the reason you smell weird odors in your home. A plumber will be able to narrow down the problem and clear the drains for you. Also have little drips and leaks repaired, as this not only causes an odor when the water causes mildew, but permanent damage as well. Feel free to contact your plumber to find more info on drain cleaning.

Wash the Walls

If someone smoke cigarettes in your home, you might still be smelling the effects, even if the carpets have been professionally cleaned and you replaced all your curtains. It is often due to the smoke sticking to the walls and other surfaces of your home. Make sure all walls are washed thoroughly, using a strongly scented cleaning product like vinegar. This is natural, strong enough to clean the walls, and is an excellent way at removing smoke odors.


17 February 2016

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