3 Things To Check For When Wearing A Fall Protection Harness

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A fall protection harness is critical if you are in the construction business and are going to be working at higher heights. However, simply putting the harness on is not enough. Next time that you put on one of these harnesses, make sure that you check these three things.

1. Check for Tears

Fall protection harnesses are designed to be strong enough to hold your entire weight -- and then some -- but it is possible for them to become torn or otherwise damaged while being used on a construction site. Before putting your harness on, you should carefully check it for any tears, loose threads or other signs that it is coming apart. Do not try to stitch together a torn or otherwise failing harness yourself, either. If your harness is showing signs of tearing or otherwise being damaged, you should replace it.

2. Make Sure It is Not Twisted

One step that a lot of workers miss when putting on their harnesses is ensuring that the straps are not twisted. Not only can twisted straps make you uncomfortable, but they can also get in the way of your harness doing its job. Consider having another worker check the back of your harness for you, or use a small hand mirror so that you can get a better view in the mirror.

3. Adjust Your Straps

If you have ever worked in the construction industry, you have probably seen people wearing their harnesses loosely and incorrectly. Even though it might seem like you will be more comfortable if you wear your harness loosely, it can actually get in the way of your movement and can prevent your harness from keeping you safe in the event of an accident. You should take the time to carefully adjust your straps and make sure that your harness is snug against your body but is not too tight. You should also make sure that your clothing is tight enough that your harness can be held securely against your body, rather than being loose and dangling.

If you work at high heights, it might seem like second nature to put on your harness. However, you should make sure that you are wearing your fall protection equipment properly and not just wearing it to appease your boss. Each time that you put on your fall protection harness, make sure that you check these three things to ensure that your harness can help keep you safe. If you have questions about fall protection equipment, contact a business such as Public Works Supply. 


28 January 2016

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