5 Ways To Find The Apartment Of Your Dreams


If you are moving, the process is stressful enough already. Much of the stress does not even come from the process of moving itself; it comes from finding the perfect place to move to. These strategies will help you find an apartment you will actually enjoy living in.

1. Make a list of your priorities before you start looking for a place to move.

This means that you need to list your desired rent, ideal location, and the number of bedrooms you need. If you have a pet, you need to include 'pet-friendly' on the list. You will be able to easily use this as a checklist as you specify your search.

2. Don't be afraid to ask around at work.

Do you have co-workers? Perhaps your office has a network where you can list roommate opportunities. Make it clear that you are moving out and in need of a room or a place to rent. You may be surprised to learn that there are actually connections closer than you might think.

3. Don't be too afraid of Craigslist.

While there is potential to find somebody who is perhaps a bit creepy on Craigslist, you could also meet somebody pretty great. The website does not pay to post advertisements, and so you have quite a few offerings. You can even search Craigslist from your smartphone, making it a go-to tool for the apartment hunter on the prowl.

4. Consider corporate or school housing.

If you are looking for a short-term move, consider the fact that many educators and employees live in temporary housing during certain parts of the year. Throughout the rest of the year, these buildings may have available units.

5. Take it to the streets.

Obviously, you are going to find an apartment if you don't actively look for one. You may hit up the Internet, but that doesn't necessarily mean you are going to find exactly what you are looking for. Go for a walk in a neighborhood you like (or go for a bike ride) and look for signs. Get to know the neighbors and say hello if you happen to see them outside. You may find a new lead.

Ultimately, it is important that you don't rush things. You won't find your dream apartment and move in instantly. It is important to be optimistic, but you certainly don't want to overlook essential component simply because one other detail excites you. Always remember to prioritize before you make the move.

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8 January 2016

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