A Few Things You Should Check Before You Call An AC Repair Service

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Despite your best efforts, a sudden AC failure can occur. If your AC underperforms, or comes to a complete stop, don't panic. There are several things you can check before you call the issue out to the professionals.

The AC Investigation

The first thing you should do if your AC starts misbehaving is to use your senses. You want to stay alert for signs of smoke or odd smells, like something burning. If there are obvious signs such as these, you should not attempt to turn the AC back on.

In this case, you will want to contact a professional AC repair service immediately. However, those are extreme cases. In most normal cases, you should check the following:

Thermostat – It's possible you don't have it set to AC, or you may have it turned up too high, which can cause the AC to go dormant for long periods of time. The thermostat itself can cause an issue if it's not turned on, or is misreading the temperature.

Keep in mind that most thermostats use the temperature from its immediate surroundings. So if the thermostat is in an area that's cooler than the rest of the house, it may not run the AC as it should.

Circuit breaker – Does your circuit breaker trip when you start the AC or at the same time when the AC stops? This can indicate an electrical problem rather than an AC problem. If it happens frequently, you should speak to a professional about it.

Your AC can also cause electrical issues for the following reasons:

  • Dirty filters or coils
  • Damaged wiring
  • Bad compressor
  • Low refrigerant

If you keep a proper maintenance schedule, you will notice these things far before they start causing you trouble.

Filters, grilles, vents – Dirty filters and vents can cause your AC's performance to drop. They can also cause your AC to stop. As previously mentioned, they can work against your electrical system as well. Always keep your filters fresh and your vents free of debris.  

Speak to an AC Repair Service

While you should check these things if you're having AC problems, it doesn't always mean you can do anything about them. In most cases, if not all cases, you should contact an AC repair service, such as Davis Repair Service.

If messing with the thermostat or swapping filters doesn't do the trick, you should err on the side of caution and have a professional take a look. By checking a few things before you call for service, you can help the repair service pinpoint the issue. This can save everyone time and help you get your AC back to full functionality sooner. 


2 December 2015

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