Designing A Bathroom With Resale Value

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When you build a new house, you should plan to make it easy to sell. You never know when you may need to relocate, so planning for it from the beginning is a smart move. Experts advise that the two most important rooms to buyers are the kitchen and bathroom. Actually, serious buyers want more than one bathroom, and they want them to be more than a basic toilet, vanity, and tub. When you construct your new home, invest money in getting your bathrooms in showroom shape.

Buyers' Desire

Many buyers want at least a master bathroom, a family bathroom, and a half bath. You should also consider what features buyers will want in a bathroom. A luxury item or two, such as a radiant floor, can be a nice touch, but fabulous lighting is a helpful and economic move. Mirrors that are surrounded by the right lighting ease the shadows that make your face look older. If your potential buyers like how they look in the bathroom, they will associate that happy feeling with your home, helping you to close the deal.

Owners' Wants

Remember that you will be using the bathroom until you decide to sell, so put in features that will make you happy, too. One item that you will enjoy that also attracts possible buyers is a feature-packed shower. If you eliminate the tub that many people seldom use, you can create a large shower stall that can accommodate multiple shower heads and even a steam generator. This addition allows you to shower away the stress of the entire selling process while grabbing the interest of house hunters.

You may also want to put your toilet out of sight to improve privacy in the master bath. You can  do so by either enclosing the toilet completely and creating a "water closet" or by erecting a half wall or other barrier that provides a degree of privacy, allowing you and your significant other to use the bathroom at the same time without embarrassment. Potential buyers will also be impressed.

Making your bathroom a beautiful and relaxing space will benefit you in the months and even years before you actually sell your home. After all, you deserve some luxury, too. In addition, discerning buyers long for an oasis of their own. Everyone loves a gleaming, spacious, and well-appointed "powder room." When you build your new home, make the bathrooms attractive to future buyers. For more information, visit sites like


27 October 2015

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When it comes to choosing different details for a home construction project, things aren't always simple and convenient. I started renovating my home a few years ago, and it was really discouraging to see how much I needed to do in order to make things right. Before I knew it, I was struggling with construction decisions, and it was overwhelming. I wanted to do something to make things right, so I started focusing heavily on finding a team of professional contractors. I was able to find an incredible contractor who seemed to understand my aesthetic, and he helped me to transform my house into my dream home. Check out this blog for great information.