High Heating Bill? 3 Oil Burner Repairs That May Help Lower Your Bills

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As with any other piece of equipment, your oil burner heater will operate more efficiently and cost you less money to run if it is in great working condition. While oil burners only consist of a few integral parts, a problem with any one of the parts may cause your heater to burn more oil, run more often or fail to harvest excess oil—all of which will cost you money. So if you've noticed that you're burning more oil than usual, it may be time to have your unit serviced. Following are three oil burner repairs that may help lower your oil usage and your bill.  

Fuel Injection Nozzle

Oil is delivered to the combustion chamber via a complex spray nozzle that produces a fine mist of oil that's under immense pressure, sometimes in excess of 100 pounds. In addition to getting clogged or blocked, nozzles can also burn too much oil if they are set for a fuel volume flow that's too high. If the flow is too low, your unit might kick on more than it has to, causing your electric fan to run constantly. In most cases, you should have your injection nozzle inspected, replaced and adjusted annually

Gear Pump Assembly

Your unit's gear pump is responsible for pulling oil from your fuel tank and introducing it into the system. The gear pump also helps regulate the pressure in your injection nozzle. Problems with your gear pump assembly may cause problems with the amount of oil that's being introduced into the system, which may cause your unit to burn too hot or run more often. While these components usually do not break down often, it's a good idea to have yours looked at and replaced if necessary during each annual inspection. 

Pressure Regulator

Your unit is equipped with a pressure regulator that allows excess oil to return to the fuel tank or to some other designated spot before the gear pump assembly if it is not burned during the initial pass. This component greatly reduces waste and also helps maintain oil pressure. When a set amount of pressure is reached, the regulator starts to send oil to the back of the line rather than allowing the unit to run hot. If the regulator gets stuck or fails to work properly, your heater may use more oil than necessary.

You should always have your heater inspected annually. However, do not wait for your annual inspection to fix any problems that may come up. If you notice that you're using more oil than usual, call a repairman (from services like Shearman Oil Inc) right away to check and repair the above components.    


10 September 2015

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