How-To Guide For Garage Door Operation During A Power Outage

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Most homeowners who have the convenience of an automatic garage door never want to deal with a manual door again. However, there are instances in life that cause homeowners to need to switch their garage door into manual mode. One such instance would be during a heavy storm that caused the power to go out. Without power, your garage door is disabled. If you need to get out of your garage door during a power outage, here is how to do it:

Make Sure the Trigger Is Tripped.

It's hard to find a garage door opener that doesn't have some sort of bypass switch that can be triggered in situations when there is a power outage, a motor messes up or the remote opener goes dead. On the opener, there should be a rope that has a handle on the very end of it. The handle is typically red in color. This is a manual release that will allow the trolley to disengage from where it is attached. When you pull on this release handle, it will switch the garage door into manual mode. Therefore, if the door is stuck open, make sure no one is anywhere near the door since the door could come down quickly and cause injury. Your best bet is to only use this handle when the door is shut.

Remain in Manual Mode Until the Power Is Restored.

It is important that you keep the garage door in manual mode until the power comes back on. This is particularly true if the power is going to be out for an extended period of time. This way if you need to get your vehicle out of the garage you can easily do so without having to reengage the manual mode unnecessarily. There is no reason to switch back and forth between power and manual mode when the electricity is out.

How to Reengage the Trolley After the Power Outage.

Once the power has been restored, you probably won't want to leave your garage door in manual mode. You'll want to go back to the convenience of an automatic garage door. To reengage the trolley, you will pull on the same red handle and then pull up on your garage door until you hear it snap back into place. Once this snap occurs, you're back to a fully automatic, energy-powered garage door. Alternatively, you can press the button on your remote control opener, which will allow the track to simply force the attachment into its proper place.

For more advice on how to get out of your garage during a power outage, contact a garage door company (such as Lake County Door Co) in your area. You may also want to have your garage door inspected to ensure that the tension springs, cables and other components are in proper working order. Otherwise, switching your door to manual mode could result in further damage. 


11 June 2015

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