How to Keep Your Well Water Safe

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A water well is a convenient way to obtain your water. However, since you are obtaining your water from a very natural source that will not have been treated, you will need to take your own steps to purify the water so that it is safer to drink.

Test It Regularly

The only way you can know if your well water is safe to drink is to test it regularly. Take your water to a state certified testing lab. Regular testing is essential because changing conditions in your soil can introduce bacteria or other contaminants to your well water that can make it not safe to drink. A good time frame for testing your water is once a year.

The report you receive for your water test will determine if the groundwater contains pesticides, whether there is lead, whether there are volatile organic compounds and whether harmful bacteria has entered the well water. Lead testing is especially important if your home has lead pipes. Even better is to hire a plumbing contractor to have your lead pipes replaced with other types of pipes. Also, if you have old copper pipes, they might have degraded to the point where you will want to have them replaced. If you are exposed to copper for too long, you can experience liver or kidney damage.

Filter Your Water

By filtering your water yourself, you will know exactly which contaminants you are removing. Reverse osmosis water filters can target specific contaminants that you are concerned with. While this type is more expensive than other filters, it is the most able to achieve the specific results you want.

Have Your Well Regularly Serviced

Sometimes, your water can become contaminated if you have a faulty well component. You will want to have your well inspected by a specialist to make sure that each part is working properly. Not only will a well-maintained well bring you water that is safer to drink, but your well will also be less likely to stop working abruptly. Also, if your well is defective and you are selling your home, you will have to disclose this to potential buyers.

Keep Chemicals away from the Well

Protect the opening of the well because anything that falls into the well can end up in the well water. For example, do not store pesticides near the well. If you believe that your well water has become contaminated, purchase bottled water until you know your well is safe to drink. For more information, consult a professional like Hudson Valley Drilling.


29 May 2015

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