Choosing The Right Walk-In Tub For Your Loved One


As your elderly parents age, performing many of the tasks that they once did with ease becomes more difficult. One of these difficulties is bathing. Due to limited mobility and other conditions, standing in the shower or stepping in and out of a high bathtub can be complicated and sometimes dangerous. Walk-in tubs offer the perfect solution. If you're considering this mobility aid for your loved one, make certain you understand what important factors you need to look for.

Fast Fill and Drain

One of the most common complaints about walk-in tubs is the fact that you have to sit inside the tub while it fills and while it drains. Make certain you are choosing a selection that has a fast fill and drain component.

This feature speeds up the rate at which the water fills the tub and drains from the tub, preventing your loved one from having to sit in a cold tub for several minutes waiting for the water. Walk-in tubs that have this feature will typically have a pump system installed inside them to help accelerate each of these processes.

Door Style

It's also important to consider the door style that the walk-in tub has. This is especially true if one of your parents has difficulty walking or moving around or if the bathroom where the tub will be installed is on the smaller side. These tubs are available with both inward and outward opening doors.

In terms of wheelchair use, it would be a better option to install an outward opening door because it would make getting in and out of the tub easier. However, if your concern is a small bathroom, an inward opening door would be better because it won't take up any additional space outside the tub.

Door Seal Lifetime Warranty

Make sure the manufacturer that you are purchasing the tub from offers a door seal warranty. While most walk-in tubs come installed with a leak-proof door seal, some companies only offer a warranty on this component for a preset number of years.

Only consider those options that provide a lifetime warranty. Should the door seal fail, it can be quite expensive to have it repaired and even a small leak can cause a significant amount of damage. Additionally, without these repairs the tub will be inoperable. Make certain the company offers a lifetime warranty to repair the seal in the event of an issue.

The more effort you put into choosing the appropriate walk-in tub for your parents, the safer and more convenient the option will be. Make certain you take your time looking through the different selections until you have found the right senior bathtub option.  


14 May 2015

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