Basement Flooding When It Rains? Try One Of These Solutions To Protect Your Home!

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It can be difficult to keep your basement dry during the rainy months, especially if you already live in an area with above-average rainfall throughout the year. Luckily, the problem is merely difficult -- not insurmountable. Depending on the exact source of the flooding, you may be able to take steps to prevent it in the future.

Try Your Hand At Landscaping

If you notice water pooling in your yard after it rains, especially if it tends to pool up against the walls of your house, it may be time to get in touch with a professional landscaper. 

The grading of your yard dictates where water goes after a rain. Poorly graded yards may direct water back toward the house, or may fail to carry it far enough away. If you want to protect your basement and foundation, you'll need to have the problem areas re-graded.

On the plus side, if your water problem is caused by a grading issue, the regrading process gives you a perfect chance to redecorate your lawn and add any features  you might want. Always dreamed of installing a pond? Now is your chance!

Give Your Gutters An Upgrade

If you haven't touched your gutters since you bought the house, except to clean them, then it may be time for an upgrade. In some cases, the gutters you have are too small, meaning excess water will escape without ever being rerouted away from your home. This can mean it ends up falling right next to your home and soaking into your foundation.

Another common issue with old or unexamined gutters is that downspouts may fail to push water far enough away. If your downspouts appear to let water escape too close to your home, it's a good idea to buy extenders that will make sure rain is rerouted several feet away.

Consider Adding Exterior Drain Tile

Sometimes the basement doesn't flood right when it rains, but instead seems to accumulate water days after a heavy downpour. This may be caused when a swelling water table overwhelms your current basement drain tile.

One way to prevent this is to install exterior drain tile if you haven't already, or replace your old tile if yours is no longer rerouting water effectively. Exterior drain tile compliments the interior version by acting as a first line of defense from underground water seepage. Adding it can not only cut down on basement flooding, but also extend the life of your foundation by keeping it dry more often.

Whether your basement drains due to improper grading, poor use of gutters, or a flooded water table, you don't have to just take it laying down. Get in touch with a contractor from a place like Rite-Way Waterproofing today about the problem and you'll soon know the cause and be able to choose the perfect solution for your home.


18 March 2015

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