3 Types Of Water Damage You Might See In Your Home


Each year home owners throughout the country are forced to deal with the aftermath of water damage. While it's an essential element for life, water can become dangerous when it find its way into your home in large quantities. Before you can begin to clean up the damage left behind by an excess of water, you must first know what type of problem you are dealing with.

Here are three classifications of water damage that home owners commonly see in their homes.

Category 1- Clean Water

A busted pipe, leaking appliance, or bathtub overflow can each result in category 1 water damage. This type of water damage is characterized by excessive amounts of water that do not pose a threat to human life.

Commonly referred to as "clean water," the liquid found in a category 1 case of water damage does not contain contaminants that would be harmful if ingested. Although category 1 water damage situations are ideal, they can quickly progress to category 2 situations if not cleaned up immediately.

Category 2- Grey Water

A category 2 situation involves water that contains trace levels of contaminants. This water, if ingested, could result in illness or discomfort. A category 2 water damage situation could occur if your dishwasher or washing machine spring a leak, since these appliances rely on water treated with mild chemical additives to function properly.

Cleaning up a category 2 water spill will require the help of a professional restoration company to ensure that all contaminants are completely removed from the surfaces in your home.

Category 3- Black Water

Generally considered to be the most dangerous type of water contamination, a category 3 situation requires immediate attention. The black water that is present when sewer lines leak or when standing water begins to support bacterial growth could be deadly if ingested, so a professional restoration company should be called in to deal with the damage.

In addition to removing the black water from your home, you may need to get rid of any furniture or construction materials (like drywall or flooring) that have been contaminated by black water to ensure your home is safe for habitation.

Understanding that there are differences in the severity of certain types of water damage allows you to be better prepared to begin the restoration process. While category 1 situations can often be resolved with the use of fans and dehumidifiers, category 2 and 3 situations require the help of a professional to ensure that any contaminants present in the water do not remain in your home.


12 February 2015

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