4 Common Types Of Window Frames


Do you need new windows? Are your current windows drafty, damaged, or just plain unattractive? New windows can be a wise investment. Not only will they enhance the curb appeal of your home, but they'll also make your house more energy efficient. Over time, you'll likely recoup the cost of your windows through savings in your energy bill. Not all new windows are the same, though. You'll want frames that are appropriate for your home's style and climate. Here are four of the most common types of window frames:

Wood. Windows with wooden frames are popular because of their classic, traditional appearance. They also tend to insulate really well because they fit snugly into the surrounding frame. Wooden window frames do have some risks, though. If you live in a particularly humid climate, wood may not be a great choice. The humidity could warp the wood, which could make it difficult for the window to open and close. Also, wooden frames are susceptible to bug infestation, which can lead to rot. Wood is a good choice, but they require maintenance.

Aluminum. Aluminum windows are a tough and durable. They also excel at keeping moisture out of your home. Because of their strength, they're popular in areas that are prone to hurricanes. However, aluminum windows aren't so great in terms of heat transfer. During the warmer months, some of the outside heat will transfer into your home through the window frames. Similarly, in colder months, you'll lose heat to the outdoors through the frames.

Vinyl. Vinyl windows are very popular for a number of reasons. First, they're among the least expensive frames available. Inexpensive doesn't mean cheap, though. Vinyl windows are often excellent at energy efficiency. They don't transfer heat and they usually fit tight into the window frame so you don't have costly and uncomfortable drafts. Vinyl frames are also available in a wide variety of colors and styles so they can fit in with your overall aesthetic.

Wood-clad. These unique window frames combine the benefits of wood and vinyl windows. The interior of the frames are made from wood, so you get all the heat-transfer resistance that wood frames provide. However, the outside of the frames are vinyl, which helps you avoid all of the moisture and insect threats that wooden frames often face. Wood-clad frames may cost a little more than traditional wooden or vinyl frames.

Talk to a window installation company, like Gilkey Windows, about the types of windows that they offer. They can evaluate your home and provide a specific recommendation.


9 February 2015

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