3 Things You Should Consider When Picking Kitchen Cabinet Colors

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If you are building a home with a new kitchen or are refinishing kitchen cabinets, then picking the right color is essential. Here are 3 things you should consider when you pick kitchen cabinet colors.

Fading Issues

First, you need to consider whether or not a lot of sunlight comes into your kitchen and hits the cabinets. If the sun is constantly on some or all of the cabinets, the color will fade or change. This is especially true with dark stained cabinets and dark painted cabinets.

To avoid this problem, select natural wood finishes or lighter finishes that are not going to look as faded nearly as fast. Also, consider doing a white, cream, light grey paint on the cabinets if you want a more modern look because these colors are very durable and will not be affected as much as dark colors.

In addition, make sure that you have blinds or curtains on your windows so that you can block out the sun when it is usually shining in your kitchen. This will help extend the beauty and life of your cabinets for many years.

Smudge Marks

Second, consider how much wear and tear will be put on your cabinets. If you have young children who are constantly dirty or messy, then white cabinets may not be as practical because they can smudge their finger marks all over the cabinets. 

You will still be able to wipe the smudges away, but the smudges may be much more obvious than if you have stained or darker cabinets.

Also, no matter what color of stain or paint you use, make sure that it is not high gloss. Anything glossy is going to show finger marks much more easily. Even the oils from your hands can leave marks if the cabinets do not have a satin or matte finish.


Lastly, consider the color of your cabinets alongside the type of hardware you want to use as knobs and handles on each door and drawer. If your handles are going to be white, then it makes sense to paint your cabinets white or a lighter color.

Otherwise, the contrast between the white handles and darker cabinets may not be nearly as attractive. 

If you are going to do iron or brushed nickel, however, then you really have endless color options that will work together.

By understanding these 3 things, you can pick out a cabinet color that will work well in your kitchen. For more information, contact a local cabinet installation company, like Black Swamp Cabinetry


3 February 2015

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