Boiler Maintenance: A Beginner's Guide To Simple Efficiency

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Whether your boiler unit is operated by gas or electric, large or small, or in your home or office, this valuable piece of HVAC equipment makes keeping your space warm and toasty a breeze. While there are some tasks that will no doubt require the attention of a boiler service repair professional, there are many simple maintenance tasks that you can perform on your own. The boiler may seem like a highly complex heating machine. However, simple tasks to keep your unit running well are not at all hard to tackle by the average homeowner who has no experience.

Assessing Ventilation Pipes

The vent pipes of your boiler unit are vital to its ability to function. Blocked or damaged vent pipes can lead to several problems including one huge issue of not being able to reap any heat. This is due to the fact that a clogged vent pipe will not allow heat to escape the unit as it should, which will cause problems with the boiler heating up because sensors are telling the boiler that it is already warm. Thoroughly check every vent pipe to ensure that they are free of any debris, such as bird nests or dust.

Oil the Circulator Pump

If you have a unit that is a bit older, there is a good chance it has a circulator pump that will require regular lubrication. There should be ports for oiling your boiler located at the base of the unit, near the opening to the internal operating components. Use a good 3-in-1 oil, or thin lithium oil to lubricate at these ports every few months throughout the year and you will see your boiler unit run much more smoothly.

Make Sure the Flue Damper is Working Properly

The flu of your boiler is a pipeline that runs from the top of the unit out to either the roof or other point of exit. The combustible gases in the boiler, or steam in an electric system, will use this exit point to relieve pressure. The damper is designed to open on its own when the pressure in the flue builds, relieving the pressure and releasing excess gases or steam into the air outdoors. If the damper is not working properly, it can cause heat to build up in the flue, which can be a fire hazard. Make sure the damper is still kicking in as it should and moves freely when you try to maneuver it by pushing it through with your hand.

If you are having small issues with your boiler unit there is a chance that one of these small maintenance issues is causing the problem. It is always a good idea to talk to a boiler service professional like Cool Air Mechanical, Inc. about any major issues and have your boiler serviced annually to check for evidence of flaws in the system.


29 January 2015

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