Inspecting And Repairing Pond Pump Clogs And Failures

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Pond pumps are useful for keeping down algae, fungus and mosquito populations, but they're often neglected during their long and difficult service. The same clogging problems dispersed by the pump can eventually shut it down. With a few inspection and troubleshooting techniques, you can keep your pond pump running at full service during the mosquito larvae season and the thickest of algae booms. 

Is Your Filter For The Right Purpose?

Water filters are designed to keep certain kinds of debris out of the system while allowing a certain amount of free water flow. The question is simple: what do you want to allow into the water system?

Unless you're running a pond purification process, there isn't much reason to filter debris from the water. You simply need to stir up the water or possibly run the water through an aerator to add oxygen to the water. Unfortunately, many pond owners purchase pond pumps that are designed to filter certain objects such as algae, insects or trash.

If you're not actively trying to get rid of certain problems, such as killing algae with other products while filtering out the remaining debris, the filter will get clogged very quickly. Remove the filter or get a larger filter if there are pieces of debris you'd like to remove.

Even if your filter is doing its proper job, cleaning pond filters can be difficult. Open water filters can get dirty quickly, and a constant clog can eventually burn out the motor. Despite the hardship, make sure to check the filter at least once a week, taking care to clean off the filter away from the pond so as not to put the same debris back in the water.

Aerator Damage And Replacement

Some pond aerators may be damaged by constant use without cleaning. Acids in some types of algae or other items that settle on the aerator can wear away at the material and even make cleaning a damaging process.

If you notice parts of the aerator breaking away, replace it immediately. Porous rock aerators such as pumice are not easily repaired, but can be replaced by a pond pump repair professional. Make sure to write down the model number of the pond pump to make parts searching a bit easier.

You may want to use a more sturdy aeration material, such as a faucet aeration piece often found in most household faucets. To figure out the best parts for your purpose or handle more difficult repairs, contact a pond pump repair professional. Hop over to this site for more information.


22 January 2015

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