Surprising Advantages Of A Commercial Property Maintenance Company


When you own any type of commercial property, and especially if you own residential rental properties, you want to consider the use of an outside property maintenance company. There are many surprising advantages of hiring such a company rather than trying to maintain your properties on your own or having staff on hand to do this. Consider some of those advantages.

1. You avoid the cost of owning and maintaining heavy equipment

Typically a property maintenance company will provide their own heavy equipment, including lawnmowers and lifts needed to change light bulbs in raised ceilings. They may also have their own tools and cleaning equipment. If you were to provide your own maintenance service or keep maintenance crew on staff, you would need to provide your own equipment along with the personnel. This can be costly not just for the initial investment but for maintenance and storage of that equipment.

2. Property maintenance companies can provide specialized skills

Your property may need some specialized skills on occasion, such as repairing electrical issues or replacing roofing tiles. A property maintenance company usually has skilled contractors on staff or works with such contractors from outside companies so that they can get this work done quickly and easily. This saves you from having to find these skilled contractors on your own and also ensures that your building is repaired as quickly as possible.

3. A maintenance company can ensure your building is up to code

When you own a commercial building or rental properties, you need to ensure those buildings are maintained up to local codes. You may not be aware of those codes and in turn, this can increase your risk of facing fines and fees if your building is ever inspected. A property maintenance company will be abreast of those codes and can ensure that electrical systems, fire alarms, pool cleaning  and chemicals and other details about your building are always maintained according to those codes.

4. Your property can be safer overall

Hiring a property maintenance company can ensure that your property is safer overall. Things like snow removal, cleaning spills in a building, repairing electrical problems, and so on will be cared for more quickly. A safer building means less risk of liability because of an injury or other accident on your property and in turn, this can actually save you money in the long run. You may even be eligible for discounts on your liability insurance if you hire a commercial property maintenance company because of how well they maintain a building.

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14 January 2015

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