Debunking Myths About Fences


Building a fence can be one of the most basic steps in securing your property against unwanted access or preventing animals or children from wandering away. However, there is a vast variety of fence types you can choose from, and many homeowners may be overwhelmed by this choice and the complicated steps needed to hire a professional to build the fence. Due to this, there is a strong chance that you may make the mistake of believing a couple of myths about this routine process. 

Myth: You Never Need To Obtain Permission To Construct A Fence

A common belief is that a fence is such a minor project to complete that it will not require a permit or any type of permission to construct. However, this may not always be the case. There are many cities that have passed ordinances requiring fence plans to be approved before construction starts. These restrictions are in place to help minimize the chances that you hit an underground utility line during construction. 

Also, homeowners' associations have a startling array of powers over the member homes. In fact, many of these associations will require individuals to submit plans for the fence to be approved. Often, these organizations have strict limits and rules governing the construction of fences, and failure to go through the required procedures can result in expensive fines. 

Myth: Steel Fences Never Need Maintenance

Another common belief is that a steel fence will never need to maintenance to keep it looking great. This is actually far from the truth; steel fence posts will need a few routine tasks done to them to ensure they are not damaged from weather exposure. 

At least once a year, you should apply a sealant to the steel fence. These sealants will help slow the corrosion that moisture exposure will cause. When you are applying the sealant, you should also inspect the fence for signs of corrosion that has already developed. If you notice these areas, you should gently scrape away the rust before applying the sealant, and failure to do this maintenance will reduce the protection that the sealants offer your fence. 

Installing a fence around your property is a surprisingly complex task that many new homeowners may not fully understand. By realizing that you may have to get permission to build the fence and that even steel fences require some maintenance, you can help reduce the chances that problems arise when you have this type of project done to your property. 


8 January 2015

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