Want To Customize Your Swimming Pool? Unique Options For Your Remodel

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Having a swimming pool in your backyard can be a great opportunity for relaxation and enjoying the outdoors. If you feel like your pool has seen better days or needs a new look, it may be the perfect time for a renovation. Here are a few great upgrades to consider when you decide to remodel your pool.

Adding Light in the Pool

If you're interested in making more of your pool than just mid-day swimming, install some LED or fiber optic lights along the pool floor and the walls. Colored lights will cast a bright glow throughout the water, opening up possibilities for nighttime swimming and pool parties.

Purification with Salt Water Chlorination

Saltwater chlorination is a new development in maintaining swimming pools. When you install a saltwater chlorinator for your pool, you can eliminate the use of liquid and granular chlorine. You won't need to store any chlorine containers at all, in fact. When the pool water needs chlorine, a saltwater chlorination system converts salt to chlorine and distributes it into the pool.

Saltwater chlorination is convenient, because the process is automated. It will engage and produce chlorine without any intervention from you. This means that you don't have to test the water as often for sufficient chlorine, nor will you have as much risk of excessive chlorine and the eye irritation that it can cause.

Aggregate Plaster

An aggregate finish will produce a unique finish on the bottom of your pool. You can choose from materials like quartz, crystal and even pebbles. These materials will reflect light and refract colors. Additionally, if you choose a smooth finish, like pebbles, you'll have a smoother, natural feel on your feet when you're in the water.  

Automatic Filler

Over time, your pool's water level will drop due to evaporation and use. Adding an automatic filler will help you maintain a consistent water level without having to refill the pool frequently. This is important, because low water levels can actually hinder your pool's pump function and filtration. Automatic water filling systems will monitor the water level and fill the pool any time the level drops below the predetermined mark.

There are a variety of upgrades that you can make for cosmetic purposes, but when you combine cosmetics and functionality, your pool becomes a more convenient and enjoyable place to be. Talk with a swimming pool remodeling contractor about the ideas here as well as any other features you'd like to add to your pool. 


29 December 2014

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