Four Dangerous Materials You May Find When Remodeling Your Home

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If you are remodeling your home, you can find many different materials. These can be things like asbestos, mold or lead, which all pose a risk to your family. Depending on the problem, you may deal with the removal of materials differently. Some things like asbestos insulation will need to be removed by professionals, while something like a lead shower pan can be recycled, or mold may need to be treated and water problems addressed. Here are four types of dangerous materials that you may encounter during your remodeling project, and how you can deal with them.

1. Dealing With Asbestos Building Products

Asbestos products have been used for a long time in construction. They are used for everything from plumbing to insulation. Some of these products are more of a threat than others, such as asbestos insulation. This is because the particles can be released into the air more easily than with things like insulation. You may want to remove all the asbestos in your home to ensure it is safe, which is something that an asbestos abatement contractor can help you with.

2. Repairing Mold Damage To Your Home

Mold problems can be hidden in the walls of your home due to things like water leaks. It does not take much moisture for mold to grow, and for a problem to become out of control. When you are remodeling your home and find mold, you will want to have the mold removed. You will also want to address the problem that was causing the mold to grow, and have a mold removal contractor treat the area so that the mold does not come back.

3. Lead Materials And Where They Are Used In Your Home

Lead is another material that you can find in your home, which can be in the paint of your home, in shower pans and other building materials. Things like lead paint are materials that you will want to have removed from your home by a professional contractor. If you are remodeling a bathroom, and you find that the shower pan is lead, you can remove it yourself and take it to be recycled. Lead is a very valuable metal; you can get a nice reward for recycling the material.

4. Organic Compounds And Other Dangerous Materials

Many organic compounds can also cause dangers in your home. Usually, these are things that are applied wet, and then dry. As they decompose, they can release gases that can be dangerous to your family.  It can be the gas that evaporates from finishing products when you are remodeling. The best way to deal with these products is to ensure your home has proper ventilation when you are painting or using products like paint and wood finishes. Older treated wood products can contain chemicals like arsenic, which you will want to handle with care and take them to a waste center to be disposed of properly.

These are some of the dangerous materials that you may encounter while remodeling your home. You can look at the Red List of building materials to find other materials that your home may have. If you need help with the removal of asbestos, contact an asbestos abatement contractor, such as Bios Environments, to remove the material from your home. Other contractors can help you with things like mold damage and the removal of other hazardous materials.


18 December 2014

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